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Show Notes

November 28, 2020

Speaking Up To Make More Money with Helena Bowen – Episode 33

Helena Bowen, Speaker Coach

Speaker Coach and Speech Writer Helena Bowen shares why speaking up is good for your business. She believes storytelling is the best way to lead, inspire and persuade.

Helena Bowen has over 150 TED and TEDX Speaker Clients who have over 65 million views online. 20 of these have been featured as the “Talk of the Day” on TED.com and they’ve been translated into 35 different languages.

Going to film school and then working in Hollywood, Helena found the film industry to be more technical than creative. Also, missing the academic side of her life, she decided to go to TED’s training. There she found what lit her up.

In discussing her money background, Helena shared how while growing up, her parents demonstrated a hard work ethic and she also learned the skills of frugality. She feels like this has translated into really serving her clients.

Helena shared how she had to learn to charge her worth. She feels if you invest a large sum of money, you’ll be more motivated to finish the course.

Most of TED and TEDX is volunteer based. It was a bit of a tough transition to being paid as a speaker coach. It’s vital though. Every TED speaker has a curator and a coach behind the scenes.

We also talked about the need for salary negotiation. And as an entrepreneur, we need to be the ones that present our pricing, not wait for someone to ask about our prices. Helena feels that in our schools, financial literacy is the biggest missing piece.

Public speaking is not just this super inaccessible thing that only the top, top people do. Other than on stage, forms of public speaking are through video, podcasts and social media.

Helena recommends business owners get on video as much as possible. When you start showing up and speaking up on video and on stage as much as possible, then people become piping hot leads.

We’re living in an era of personal branding so this is more important than ever. For now, video gives a level of undue credibility and you gain trust with your customers.

When speaking up, it’s important to remember the more you record, the more comfortable you become. Most of your customers have fallen in love with you, not some cheesy bigger than life version.

It’s important to think of public speaking as a conversation, not a performance. Aim for the best version of yourself, you on your best day.

Helena recommends you start with your main idea and that it is very narrow. The good news is people don’t want to listen to 60-90 minutes, 3-5 minutes is enough.

Make sure your topic is as strong as it can be. You also need a super strong title to lure listeners in. Helena suggests going to TED.com and looking at some of those titles to get ideas.

Some angles to take for your talk are to look for industry advice online and ask what do you disagree with. Myth busting also makes for good talks. And remember, most of the world is not an expert on your topic.

Most importantly, you need to share your talk all the time, everywhere! Don’t be shy because it’s up to you to promote and get people watching it, if you want it to be effective.



For the freebie “How to Get Booked to Speak at TEDx” go to https://TEDxguide.com

To get “How to Write a Speech That Acts Like a Pitch” go to https://sneakypitch.com

Thriving Financially with Hilary Hendershott Money Made Easy

When Hilary was in her 20’s, she was definitely not thriving financially. She was advising multi million dollar clients by day and coming home to a stack of bills she wouldn’t open because she couldn’t pay them.She was a massive overspender. Hilary was earning 6 figures and spending 6 and a half. She realized she had to repair her relationship with money and wealth.This was a very emotional time for Hilary. Looking at the numbers and realizing how in debt she was made her feel like a piece of crap. She was lucky enough to go to a great school and smart enough to graduate with honors.Hilary was determined to figure out how she got so deep in debt. She started reading everything she could on the psychology of money.Her mother was a budgeter and saver and Hilary was ashamed with the amount of money she could spend on birthday presents for friends. Hilary wanted a pair of Nikes like the other girls on her basketball team but had to get her shoes from Payless.Hilary felt like there was never enough money for the things she wanted in life. That became her money operating system. It’s a very common money operating system. And there are many others also.Through the divorce of her parents and her father not wanting to pay her mother, Hilary came to realize that money  is power. So operating with the thoughts ‘there’s never enough money’ and ‘money is power’, Hilary would spend and buy to try to show she was successful, even though she had no money in her bank account.Luckily, she was able to unravel those behaviors and make a change in her own life. This made Hilary want to teach her framework to others, especially women. Also by doing this, her business took off.So many entrepreneurs limit money in their life with their thoughts. Even though Hilary has a very traditional background as far as her training, until she changed her mindset, she would spend money as soon as it was in her back account.For Hilary to make a change, she started doing the opposite of what she had been doing. Where she had hidden her money troubles before, she became super transparent about them. And she also, just wouldn’t do things where she would be spending money. It was super tight and painful for several years.After Hilary had her condo foreclosed, she turned in her leased BMW and paid off her negotiated credit card debt, she then began rebuilding. She didn’t buy a coffee for 2 years. After she fixed the problem, she has now built up enough wealth to be financially independent. And that’s definitely thriving financially. In addition to the traditional financial advising, Hilary has Ignite Investing for people who are just getting started in investing. This program makes financial advice accessible. She also has a coaching program, that teaches exactly what she did to get out of debt and build wealth.Hilary shares her 7 Steps To Wealth with us. 1 – Decide. Involve your mindset and how you see your future.2 – Speak. Look at all your scripts about money. Journal. Write down all the things you think and say about money.3 – Plan. Most people don’t have a plan. She teaches a multiple account system, not budgeting.4 – Earn. Raise the ceiling.5 – Ask. She has a No Challenge. Make so many big requests, your goal is 100 no’s. If you get to 100 no’s, you’ll have so many yeses, you’ll have a different life. People are afraid to ask.6 – Invest. Compound your wealth.7 – Protect. Protect your wealth with wise decisions and your identity from theft.A lot of people, especially women, have this idea that money is a zero sum game, Hilary tells us. Just enough is enough. She wants us to know there is an abundance of money, you can be rich and everyone else can too.Hilary works with a lot of people in their 60s, 70s and 80s and doesn’t know many that work past 70. You need a stash of money to support your…
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