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Show Notes

March 18, 2020

Episode 20: The Funny Connection Between Illness, Death and Money with Nora McInerny

Nora Borealis_Terrible Thanks For Asking_Nora McInerny_Money Made Easy Podcast

We talk about money every week on this podcast. This week we’re also talking about illness and death. And as a result, how that affects your money. Our guest today is Nora McInerny. And we go there. We dive right into the tough subjects of death and money.

Nora was married to Aaron. They packed 50 years of marriage into the three they got. They got engaged on Aaron’s hospital bed. Then had a baby boy while he was on chemo.

Unfortunately, Aaron died from a brain tumor in 2014. Since his death, Nora has written four books. Her first two are linked below. You should probably just go ahead and buy them all.

Nora started a podcast, “Terrible, Thanks For Asking” which is really so good. You should certainly listen to her TED Talk. And she also started the Hot Young Widows Club. It’s for others who have lost the love of their life.

A few of the things we talk about in this episode are sadness, shame and debt. We touch on embarrassment and instant gratification. And then more shame, debt, grief debt, being irresponsible and being more responsible. And finally, we talk about debt, how to get out of debt and opportunity costs.

We talk about death and money. We discuss which is harder to talk about. Emotions run deep in both words because we’re human. We talk about them both to make it easier to talk about them both.

Nora is a master storyteller. She is known for bringing heart and humor to even the toughest topics. Nora uses her personal story about living with loss, grief and new beginnings to connect with others.


The non-profit Nora cofounded to provide direct economic relief to people who need it – stillkickin.co

Nora’s podcast – Terrible, Thanks For Asking https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/terrible-thanks-for-asking/id1126119288

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