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Show Notes

January 6, 2020

Episode 14: 2020 Goal Setting with Business and Life Coach Lupe Prado

We’re starting this year off right, thanks to Lupe Prado. To get ready for goal setting, she recommends starting with a year end review and asking yourself “What did I learn?” Next, give thought to what you want your future to look like.

Decide on a word or words to guide you and remind you of what you want this year to be about for you. Set specific goals in a timeframe that feels right for you – quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily.

Come up with some affirmations to help remind you of the direction you want to move. Make a Wheel of Review to assess where you are in key areas of your life.

We talk about vision boards, journaling, inner critic/inner leader. Lupe shares all about passive action/massive action and how your calendar reflects what’s important to you. You’ll be even more ready for some serious goal setting after listening to this episode!

Go to www.lupeprado.com and scroll down to sign up for Lupe’s email list and she will send you an all new 2020 Vision Goal Setting Guide, a 9 page workbook for free.

Check out Day Designer’s Free Resource Library of 2020 Goal Setting: https://daydesigner.com/collections/printable-library


Lupe Prado has a background in financial reporting/public accounting. Previous to starting her coaching career, she spent the last eight years working in public accounting and the oil and gas industry. She had the opportunity to work with some amazing and brilliant people. 

Lupe loved the people side of business more than the technical accounting side of business. She found that she feels the most happy when she is helping others.

Lupe listens deeply and believes her calling is to serve others through coaching. She believes that everything happens for us. Lupe also hired a coach about four years ago and her coach changed her life. Lupe then realized she wanted to do the same for others. 

Fast forward to 2017 when Lupe decided to enroll in a coach training program. The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) was offering their fundamentals course in Dallas for the first time.

Lupe decided it was a sign and enrolled. She travelled all over the country to complete the remaining courses and she loved it. She completed the training program in December of 2017.

In 2018, Lupe became a mom and after taking some time off for maternity leave, she decided to stay home with her baby and launch her coaching business. 

Lupe is now coaching and currently enrolled in the Master’s in Leadership, Organizational Development and Executive Coaching at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is growing her business and continuing her learning journey.

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