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Show Notes

October 28, 2019

Episode 06: Real Talk about Real Estate Investing with Rashauna Scott

In this episode we get real – about Real Estate Investing! Our guest is Rashauna Scott, a Real Estate Agent and Investor. She is also the founder of Flippin’ In Heels – where women invest in Real Estate and win together.

Rashauna is on a mission to educate, encourage and build a community of women that want to invest. She shares with us how she got started and also some of her wins and losses. We talk about how important contacts are too. Then she goes on to explain wholesaling, house hacking and more.

We always ask for three words that come to mind when thinking about the word money. Rashauna gave us two very powerful ones.

Difficult – because the two most difficult conversations for people are death and money. Like us, she wants to open up the conversation around money. And transferrable, for the reason that money isn’t made or lost, it’s just transferrable.

Be sure to follow Rashauna on Instagram. She posts updates on project renovations in addition to helpful real estate investing tips.


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