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Show Notes

October 22, 2019

Episode 05: Saving and Investing Basics with Andee Sloot

We are so excited to introduce Andee Sloot in this episode! She’s a Financial Advisor and she’s sharing all the saving and investing basics.

Today’s podcast talks all about savings accounts. Andee is here to educate us on short term and long term saving accounts. She also talks about investing accounts. We hope this episode helps you decide which one is best for you during this time.

Andee talks about how it’s good to be proactive versus reactive. She shares that a lot of people don’t ask for help until they’ve already made mistakes. So that’s why it’s important to learn the saving and investing basics.

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Andee Sloot graduated from Texas A&M University. She then spent several years in the insurance industry before pursuing a career as a full time Financial Advisor. Her background in insurance laid the foundation to understanding her client’s comprehensive financial well-being. 

When it comes to what’s truly important in your life, you deserve advice you can trust from an advisor who knows and understands you. Through a committed and ongoing relationship, Andee works diligently to understand all parts of your financial life. Together, you build a personalized plan. This can help you achieve the financial confidence you need to pursue your passions. 

Andee specializes in meeting the financial needs of women and their businesses. She is experienced in helping women and their families plan for all stages of life. No matter what your goals are, you want to make sure all your efforts pay off, today and tomorrow. Then you have the flexibility to do what matters most to you.

Andee can help by working with you to build a financial plan tailored to your life. She asks purposeful questions and listens closely to your answers. This helps her understand you and your priorities to provide you with proactive, goal-oriented advice. Andee is passionate about helping her clients live the full and rich life they have worked towards.

Andee resides in Dallas, TX with her loving husband, John, and two dogs. When away from the office she enjoys reading a good book, cooking, traveling, and playing golf when the weather is nice. 

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